'BLOOD' and 'VEST' for 'HEALTH' and 'SUIT'

I was wondering if anyone would mind making a script or an edit to an origional lua file that changes the ‘HEALTH’ and ‘SUIT’ on your HUD change to ‘BLOOD’ and ‘VEST’ (caps, and without quotations, in origional yellow text), then upload it on Garrysmod.org for me. Kind of like a ‘reskin’ of sorts.

Alternately, someone could just tell me how to do this myself. I’m quite inexperienced at lua (I’ve only ever modified some scripts in addons to my own preference), but if the script is as simple as changing one line then it’d be no problem.

I’ve seen this done before in mods, so I know it’s possible, and most likely easy. I just don’t know where to go to change it.


that isnt lua…

Yes it is

The default HUD isn’t made with Lua. You’ll have to make you’re own HUD.

Which is generally done with Lua.

Actually, you can do this with Lua, and do it the right way. I was the only, and first person to replicate the HL2 HUD. It’s not complete (lack of animations), but it’s a pixel perfect representation of how the gist of it should look.


Or I could just do it. :geno:

YAY! Now i can see how much meters per second im falling :v:

On another note, @Andrew… DO EETT!!! X3

This is a good idea.