Blood Bath Mod (Blood Skins)

[tab]Name:[/tab] Blood Bath Mod

[tab]Version:[/tab] 1.7

[tab]Description:[/tab] This Is My New Blood Textures

[tab]Download:[/tab] Download

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] [Any Source Engine Game Such As Orange Box Or Garry’s Mod]

This Is My New Blood Textures Pack That Includes Blood Effects From Smod Outbreak And Blood Decals/Textures Made By Me :smiley:
Screenshots :

New Screenshots :

Pretty Nice…

Nice ? Isnt It?

Known Bugs!!!
You Cant See Blood Under Water :( Someone Fix It If U Can :ohdear:

Here’s Pic About That

I Hope its Still Good Becuz No One Will Play With Ragdolls Underwater :razz:

Sorry For Short Description , I Dont Know What To Say :ohdear:

Also New Hi-Res Meat/Wound Decals For Ragdolls Here (made not by me but im using this and its pretty nice…)

I don’t like it, you magnified the blood to be like 300x its original size which results in droplets 6 inches across and that is bad

Looks like jelly

you’re right :razz: :suicide:

My blood is jelly

I Think You Split Some Raspberry Soda On The Floor There

Also Every Word Doesn’t Have To Start With A Capital Letter, Assuming You Did English In 3rd Grade

Maybe He Spit Raspberry Soda, But He Himself Said That He Didn’t Make These Decals. They’re From Smod Outbreak, Which I’ve Never Heard Of. So, If You Want Someone To Blame For Spitting Soda On Your Floor, Blame The Creators Of Smod. I Personally Think He Did A Pretty Good Job Here; If It Looks Better Than Source’s Decals, Then It Was A Good Job. Although, I’ve Never Seen Blood That Looks Like That.

P.S. I Took English In The Third Grade Too.

^^ i made textures , but i take blood EFFECTS!!! from smod outbreak … flesh too…

Who dropped the jelly everywhere?

grr… stop talking about jelly… it looks like jelly but its not jelly >:(

its jelly

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Jelly!

I Can’t Believe It Is Jelly.

Sweet. Are you going to release some toast models, too?

dunno , maybe ^^

It looks oddly like the Half-Life 1 blood.


dude, is that env/cubemask i see ont he blood?

mind if i take a look at this so i can see if i can get it working in outbreak?

if it works, i’d like to have it in the next patch :smiley:


Haha, you fooled me! From those screens I thought you had some amazing shit going on in the .vmt with reflective/shiny blood! you got me man!

still pretty cool though bro :]

Strawberry Jelly

Make me! I need some Super Jelly!