Blood Champion of the Emperor

a bit cluttered but i’m happy with it

original, with unedited and edited lighting[/t][t]

whats up with the aa though

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also i honestly think it would look much nicer without the framing

i like to be heavy-handed with sharpening even if it sometimes causes jaggies

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removed the framing, the pic indeed does look better without it

very good editting as always, but I can’t help but notice the jaggy black colored AAness that’s p. much always there when you crop out your models. I really wana see it without em for once. It mainly bothers me because the rest of the editting is pitch perfect with AA, only the models edges arent.

lasso + patience = friend

(or just smart use of background eraser)

Doesn’t look cluttered to me, but very excellent job.

my cropping is flawless as it can be due to the poster + downsampling tricks i use

it’s the sharpening that always messes up the cropping lines. next time i’ll try applying it only to the “inside” of the model, without letting it touch the outer edges, that should fix it.

Is this a Blood Raven? Or a Blood Angel?

Blood Ravens have a bit of beige on their armor, mainly on the pauldrons. they also don’t really use white wing motifs, they go with black instead

their Chapter symbol of course also has a black raven on it, and as you can see the shield only bears a blood drop and angel wings

Your editing will never cease to amaze me.

next time i’ll use less sharpening though

Besides the sharpening this is another solid one, keep it up J!

Good work as usual Joazzzie babe.

i thought your computer was a piece of shit, according to your original pics it handles AA way better than mine :v:

yeah those were downsampled from 5464 x 3072

Hey any planned Release date or is this have yet to be moved to the regicide.

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this model does not exist anymore. it has never been released. do not bump ancient threads.

What an absolute orgy of high and low res textures on one model.
But I dig the fuck out of it. Too bad I’ll probably be in Afghanistan or something by the time the Blood Angels get released.


This is two year old thread, please stop bumping it.

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