Blood displayed as boxes????

i just downloaded garrys mod today and when i shoot an npc the blood effect is displayed as outlines of boxes.
HP Zv5000 laptop
1gig RAM
ATI Mobility RADEON 9000 IGP video card
mobile pentium 4m processor
bonus! how do i use a numpad if i have a laptop? (to control cars)

Most laptops have the numpad integrated into the keyboard. If you look on yours you should see little blue numbers over your keys on the right.

To use then hold down your Fn key (usually next to Left Alt) then press the number you want.

And could you post a screenshot of the blood problem?

He means it’s just a few lines forming a box I think it’s a Dx 8 problem I can’t remember

fn didnt work but i got it fixed. here are the screens, fire is the same way

something is wrong when im looking in the general direction of light

Try re-installing GMod.

Particle problem i guess?

You’re on a low direct x level.
go into the console and type sv_cheats 1 then type mat_dxlevel 95

thanks you guys