Blood Edit

I started really using gimp lately starting to get into the whole posing deal C&C plz! maybe someone could edit it and make more dark and put a blur on the leg i absolutely suck at the blurs

People say “Work on posing, then editing.”

Turn graphics up and find a more realistic pose that the CT would be in, use your body as a model for how it may look.

Thank you for the advice man i was using gears of war 2 to model how the ct looked

Shit man, you *really *need a new rig.

turn up your graphics, the blood looks good

The JPEG quality :byodood:

Your AA is horrible.

Quality is crap, though the blood is not bad.

I like the blood, but when you kick someone in the back side of the head it wont bleed “from” the back side of his head, but from the face due to the impact on the ground plus i think it’s to early to spit blood from his mouth. Oh and as everybody else said, the quality of the blood is better than the whole picture.

Nice blood, but it needs better posing and AA.