Blood Effects Testing

Katra has publicly released a beta version of my blood props. Here’s some quick shots I made to demonstrate them.

They look really nice and realistic with DOF on, since it’s more like an actual 3-dimensional physical splatter rather then a particle effect. The phong highlights really help sell it as a liquid as well. Once the long and round blood splatters of various sizes are finished, adding them to the others will make your blood splatters look even better. Remember to use a combination of the props at multiple angles for a more varied cinematic splatter.

They’re meant for a more realistic setting, so I don’t reccomend using them with TF2 or other cartoony-looking props/characters.

You can check the blood props out for yourself here:

Finally, these look awesome.

They’re still a WIP, and not all of the blood props are there. The splashes are there, but the round and long shapes are still in the works.