Blood Elf Alyx Replacement (HL2/EP1)

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Blood Elf Alyx Replacement (HL2/EP1)

[tab]Version:[/tab] 1.0

[tab]Description:[/tab] Replaces Alyx with a blood elf in HL2/EP1.

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] HL2 and/or EP1, simple directory knowledge.

[tab]Download:[/tab] [/release]

Hello, Facepunch! Thanks for clicking on my first ever reskin! :dance:

I have taken the original Dark Elf Alyx Replacement for HL2/EP1 and reskinned it to look like a blood elf!

Installation instructions are included in the zip file.


Please note that I take no credit for the model or the skin, just the recolor of the textures. I also have no idea who the original author was.

EP2 and night elf versions coming soon!

Feedback, please!

Wow, big boobs.



Whoa… nice!

Ohhhh yeahh :megamonoc


Bit whorish IMO. A good replacement, but not my cup of tea. Besides, it ain’t hexed…

Even though alyx replacemnts tend to be interesting… could we ask for an hexed ragdoll and npc, (And also another one with a bit more of clothes… (it’s not like i don’t like it like that… but the amount of things you can do with it it’s more limited insert X D face)

Still, nice job!

I can’t model, so sorry. If someone would be willing to, though, I’d gladly appreciate it! I’m just starting to skin things. I can hex it for you, if you want.

Wait, nevermind.

Can somebody remove those ears and make this human? By the way I’ll hex and make it a player model etc.

It’s Ms.Boobage.

Ms. Chokesondick, amirite.

No, but really, she has big tatertots.

No, but really, it’s looking quite good.

But really, I like it so far.

I’m releasing a mega-pack with the original dark elf, the blood elf, a new night elf, and a drow (a black elf with white hair) in an hour or so. Stay tuned for updates! :dance:


Ok, color me interested. I’ll wait to see if these get released as I want to see exactly how they work.

WoW nerds rejoice

Shit I dunno what you guys be thinking but I’d fuck her!

I’d fuck her but I’d fuck anything which remotely looked like a girl. (._. )’

A bit whoreish, but a nice skin/model nonetheless.

Sad mate, sad.

ohhh yeahhh