Blood following dead bodies

Hello! I am new to facepunch and LUA, and I have a question I’ve been wondering about for so long. I have just downloaded this blood effect for garrysmod and I realized the blood does not follow the dead body. I’m almost sure this has something to do with LUA, and if someone could explain to me how I make the blood follow dead bodies, that would be great!

A video of the particle:

Actually I think you could bind the emitter to npc’s so it follows it when it does not die, then you could also bind it to it’s dead ragdoll.

oh god lol, that is the stupidest blood effect I’ve ever seen. Parenting the particle emitter would be your best bet.

Being a complete noob to lua, I really do not understand where to find the files to parent the effect to the body. Can you evaluate a little more?

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By the way it’s the effect used in EP.2 when the giant worm thing (forgot the name of it) stabs its tongue into the dead rebel in the barn.

You need ParticleEffectAttach then.

I’ve searched around and cannot find a good tutorial for using particle effect attach. Any more help you can offer?

Try this.