I’m just loving these new Space Marines

but they’re pink, Khorne’s dudes can’t be pink

So was Guybrush Threepwood ship in Escape From Monkey Island and that was a ship with attitude.

yeah but it’s a scientifically proven fact that Space Marines painted in the color pink are always addicted to cocaine, sex, and this song:

i.e. they’re Slaanesh dudes

I have a feeling that berserker is gonna turn around and decapitate that renegade shooting him in the back.

If it was Khârn the Betrayer I would agree with you but the trooper is shootimg past him its the angle I used.

not enough khornate runes on armor, 1/10 would not kill weaklings with


Quick someone roll a D6 so they can have better power armour!

Pink Chaos Marines? My friend’s army painter in a nutshell.

That big horned dude on the right is a smooth criminal.