Blood God SWEP

I have an idea for a SWEP that not even Stiders (Striders) could stand up to!
You’ve all heard of them… yep! Blood-God powers!
Primary fire: Depends on mode…
Secondary fire: Quick kill (red laser that cuts all in its path, literally just dissects them)
Press E or R to change modes


Telekinesis: first you pick up an enemy… or group of depending on how long you hold the button…
Primary=Crush, you clench your fist and the enemy (or enemies) Go splat
Secondary= Smash, throw against floor creating a bloody explosion and shockwave, also vapourises anyone too close
Melt: Makes all you point at melt…
Heal: Drains enemy health to restore your own
Corrupt: Makes target a mindless minion that will attack all nearby, until they drop dead when the posession ends, thatll either happen in time or because you changed modes…
Vapourise: Speaks for itself…
Primary= Cut/explode/dissect/throwandcrush no recharge rate
Secondary= same but more destructive and bloodier

Any who helps with this monumental script will get credit and a little gold star =3


I agree with Penguin Man, this is a Medicore idea, it’s been overused.

God powers are for fags.