Blood Issues -- My blood is just black squares ( Image inside )

Hey facepunch, recently I started getting this :

I have cleared my addons and my whole garrysmod folder yet the problem still persists. I can’t give much info as It just happened randomly when I booted up the game.

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Oh – And I tried installing TF2 blood and it worked fine, just nothing else. And TF2 blood is shitty imo.

when i read your title i thought that you shouldve gone to the hospital

also, try deleting local content through steam, might work

Thanks! And you made me laugh :v:

That’s been like that since the latest update. Use GCFScape to extract the blood particles in Half-Life and place them into Garry’s Mod. Don’t be surprised to notice that the hunter and the muscle car of HL2:E2 lacks sounds.

What files do I need? Just blood_impact.pcf?

That’s the file you need. Just place it in the particles file in garrysmod.

Didn’t work :smith:
Any other help?

What are your advanced parameters you’re starting gmod with? I’m guessing your specs are okay seeing those fps


try defragging the game, i recall it fixed it for me last time…

Got the same problem… any idea?

I still got this problem…