Blood lust

Pretty damn impressive stab if she managed to go thru those ballistic plates.

Everything else is pretty excellent.

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Holy shit, just checked the original image, insta-Winner.

Some really nice editing there.

Though I do think you overdid the shading on the hand. You did bring it out o the mesh, but now it looks more floaty.

God. Damn.

Now where’s the actual original :v:

should have worked more in the lighting, plain white is uninteresting as hell

other than that it’s pretty good

Would you rather he made it look like Hotline Miami?

so, basically, anything but bland white is automatically exaggerated over-saturated lighting?

interesting thought process

Not what I said, I asked a question.
Nothing was implied.

in that case, why would you ask me if I would like the lighting in one way or another, since I’m not even the pic author?

that was not a legitimate question at all, there is clearly some implication

I can’t find the starcraft head-hack, but I remember it being released. Could you provide a link?