Blood Money - Garrys Mod Machinima

I am starting a machinima series called Blood Money (yes, it was inspired by the Hitman series.) The videos are below. Leave your feedback and please, leave me real feedback. What can I improve and what’s good as it is? Thanks for watching :biggrin:

1st Episode:

2nd Episode:

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I really liked it. A great first machinima. Could’ve used more action, but that’s just because I have a short attention span, but the overall film and story was really good.

Also, did you make any of the maps? Just curious.

Thanks for the feedback! I’ve actually been trying to put more action into the scenes, but it’s hard to put that in a dark thriller like this one. Also, the map I used I didn’t make, and it’s just one map.

Thanks for the feedback, keep it coming! :biggrin:

SPOILER Adding a sniper scene to Episode 3. This ones gonna be epic.

Rockin’, go for it.

add some new textures to the shit default citizen.