Blood Moon

babbys first rain edit so pls forgive 4 scrubness.


its ok

it’s bearable

I like it, though the moon seems a little too bright. That’s just being picky though. Better than the usual military posts.

Like I said on steam, pretty great.

yeah the bloom went cray

my excuse is maybe the rain is amplyfying the moons brightness from earth cos of the reflectiveness and shit i dunno

Thought the title was metaphorical for an Illumination flare.

Pretty nice. Not a fun of how the rain looks.

if anyone wants to do me the favor of editing in better rain it would b much appreciated as i am rain scrub.

I get an error when i enter the link.

nvm its up

That’s a lot of rain for a seemingly clear night. Was also expecting a bit more red on the soldiers.

I understand the rain needed to be a thing here, but the filter is just ever so slightly exaggerated in my opinion. Otherwise it’s nice.