Blood Pact vs Imp Guard, Plus a load of extra shite.

I havn’t posted anything around here for quite a while, so here’s the main feature, that includes… Effort:

And here’s the rest, a load of un released and in most cases un finished products:

Just a skin test really:

Another one of my Sci-Fi British shots:


And one of my many shots for one of my TnB characters (Loads of them around their forums):

Right, here’s the majority of my TnB stuff:

I’ll probally add more of my unreleased crap around here a bit later.
C&C And all that tosh.

I like the last picture for some reason… it’s the pose I think. Rated you artistic!

Cheers, added most of my other TnB stuff now.

Whats TnB?

Taconbanana, a roleplaying community (Google it).

Is that Zoey 39 years old or just the female_01 ? Did you actually combined zoey’s hair with female_01 ? nice pictures anyway.

Its a slightly altered female_02 face map and photoshoped Zoey’s hair (and I’d kill for that model).

You should have used a masked bodygroup for the Blood Pact. Other then that it’s great.