Blood ravens come ( Dawn of War )


That’s a lot of dead bodies.


like the starcraft one

Why is that one Marine holding the guardsman up like that?

Holy shit, is all I’m going to say.

By the Emperor, that is amazing D:

It’s quite nice. Pretty blurry though like the jpeg quality is messed up or something.

Lens flare is unnecessary - you can barely even see the sun.

what the hell did those guardsmen do thats heresy i tell you HERESY

I’m sure there are stories about Marines culling heretical Guardsmen or something.

That’s pretty much what happened in Dawn of War’s campaign, except it was less a case of heretical and more a case of conflicting orders getting a metric fuckton of duders killed

My understanding is that some Guardsmen, can be corrupted or be heretics, More or less influence by their governor.


But someone seriously needs to make those models to scale.

You mean they are too big, or too small? Because they definitely are not too big.

The Spess Mahreens need to be bigger, about the same size as the Starcaft models. That IG’s head is practically bigger than theirs even with helmets on.

You might want to know that a space marine’s eyes stop glowing when he dies.

Far, far too small.
Space Marines should stand at LEAST a head taller.

Ah yes. I tend to forget that.

They have no goddamn backpacks on.

And this is what happens if you don’t hit the brakes on re-entry, steve.

Blood Ravens not for me, Dark Angels all the way. Anywhoo apart from the height difference (not that you can do much from those models) and the Space Marines (exculding the Scouts) have no packs on…THIS IS AWESOME!!!