Blood Ravens defending

My new screenshot. I prefer TF2 stuff, but not for this time.

That’s ok-ish.

A ton of wasted space, and the posing looks a bit stiff.

its ok, but just don’t use image shack for it is slow and usually doesn’t show full size when posting, use filesmelt or dropbox instead,

And finally, if you were unable create a good picture, could you at least don’t force us to open it manually?

Oh yeah. Awesome critics.
Added image for lazy ones.

Not so bad, but an empty space and not the best camera angle spoiled it.

Yeah, I thought about camera deployment and empty space. I should have make this not that large.

That plasma should look glowy.

Terrible composition, excessive wasted space, awful depth of field editing, worse effect editing, and the posing is still a bit stiff.

Don’t bother with editing until you can compose a picture properly.