Blood Ravens (not generic at all)

First one I’ve done in a while. Trying to get back into this stuff, how is it?

More colorful version






great lighting

man i really need to make some better-looking techmarines and dreadnoughts when i can

Yeah, the quality of the textures of them were a little. . . Lacking. Though, I understand it being an RTS-ish game. Thanks.


battle bruvas todae we stehl de enemee

Terminator carrying a heavy bolter.

2/10, would not cleanse and purge.

Hooray someone other than the ultrasmurfs gets the spotlight!

I love the lighting. Very nice.

i just noticed that. yeah that’s a pretty bad mistake

are the two marines closest to the camera wearing their backpacks at all?

I’ll be honest, I wanted to work on it more, but my sister started having her intense twitching start again, so I closed down gmod and left it with what I had. They do have their packs, it’s just the angle, and about the heavy bolter terminator, that’s just a massive mistake I overlooked because I thought it looked cool while I was doing it, completely forgetting about everything spacehulk and dawn of war.

I swear I once saw a custom model in my local Games Workshop with a Terminator holding two heavy bolters, with the previous owners dead at his feet, it was a pretty cool model, not cannon with the 40k universe but it did look awesome.

indeed, you’d need a tank for that

Man, I need to make more DOW poses, it seems to be the key to stardom here.

All joking aside, thanks for the feedback.

why not get better Space Marine models, like the ones ported from WH40K:SM?

There are better ones? Oh please yes. Link?

also because i like teasing people here’s what i’m working on

well, what i could be working on if i had a functional PC :v:

Those look awesome!