Blood Ravens

Tried texture overlaying for the first time, and I really like how it turned out.

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Looks so similar to that picture Joazzz made of a bunch of space marines killing ponies and bad anime models. Nice job.

I like it, nice work.

There is nothing like purging a few dozen xenos in the Emperor’s name.

In other words, this is beautiful.

the background is awful and you could have made the muzzleflash copypasting less obvious but otherwise it’s p cool

I like the thread name, it’s not familiar at all :v:

But pretty much what Joazzz said, the background is “meh”. I didn’t even notice the goblins were there until I saw the original.

gobli- ah there, didn’t see them either because of the dark lighting. why isn’t the fire casting any light?

(those are Grots or Gretchin btw)

I originally planned to have the space marines just standing on the piles of gretchin shooting their respective bolters, but once everything was edited, it looked incredibly bland. Thus fire was made to spice things up.

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Also I suck at WH40K so I have no idea what vehicles or whatever to add to background.

if it’s camouflaged, it’s Guard. if it’s brightly colored, it’s Astartes. if it’s looted, it’s Ork. if it’s mutated, it’s Chaos. if it’s sleek n curvy n sexy, it’s Eldar. if it has round shapes and is slightly anime-ishly mil-futuristic, it’s Tau. if it’s got hieroglyphs, green glow and pyramids out the wazoo, it’s Necron. if it’s organic, it’s Tyra- OMNOMNOMNOM

So what’s on fire? The Gretchin, or something off screen?

Something off screen.

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looks good

I would love to know where you got your muzzleflashes from man