Blood Riddled River

Quick edit to make it seem creepy, I think I may of overdone the blood but oh well.

Cool editing, but what the hell died there, a whale?

Ya blood is a little overdone, it realistically wouldn’t spread to all of it but it has a really cool creepy feel to it, like something supernatural is in the water.

Wheres the blood?


I wanted the blood to seem like all of the crew members aboard the ship were taken into the water.

Sorry, pic isn’t colorblind friendly bro.

In the water :v:
Thats one ugly whale :x would make a nice model tho

Okay cause I am colorblind.
Sry for posting useless shit in your thread.
But tell me how did you make the light effects?

GMod’s sun ray thingy.

Aah its an ingame effect.
Thx dude gotta try that

Is there a 1680x1050 version of this picture my good sir?

My monitor is only 1280x1024, so sadly not :frowning:

Okay, :frowning:

Nice lighting.

I saw this on FPSBanana a few hours ago.

Yes, I posted it there when I was banned from here.

Actually pretty cool. Imagining what kind of massacre would make all that blood

Shark zombie fight? Cookie to whomever get’s that reference!

Say that title three times fast.

I like the reflections