Blood Splatter

Itd be pretty neat to have blood sprayed onto the screen after firing a shotgun shell into a zombies chest.
realistic blood splatter onto the screen when you attack close range targets or when you get hurt by something

I know it’s in Smod… someone could, accidentally, copy some code from it… accidentally of course. But not me I don’t know shit about computer talk

It’s probably done by SWEPs.

You trace a line to find your hitEnt and see if its a zombie, you find the distance between the entity position and your position and if you’re close enough you display on the HUD a blood texture that will gradually disappear through the power of SWEP:Think() and CurTime().

no. smod is c++ gmod is lua

Heh, this is something alot of people want, i just made a custom overlay for screen blood on low health, but i guess blood splat on screen is nice to ^^