Blood Textures Appear in Squares!

Recently, I have noticed that when blood appears on a wall or floor, parts of the blood seem to be cut off in squares. I have tried to reinstall GMod, but when I start up GMod it does the same thing and even uninstalling some of my addons doesn’t work. I found out it has nothing to do with an update because it started doing this not when an update came out, and I didn’t get the February update until today. I do not know how to recreate this texturing error because it came randomly. I have a suspicion that an addon ruined some of the game files, but I don’t have proof. If anyone had this issue and fixed it, please help me out and all the other people having the same issue. Thank You!
Here are some pictures:

One of your addons is overriding the blood material.

I hate to necro, but I found the solution for my case. Do you happen to have Source Game Content mounted as legacy addons?

Edit: After looking at the Imgur link you provided (I hadn’t before,) I came to the conclusion that you do, in fact, have said legacy addons. What causes this issue is the normal (base game) blood textures are overwritten by textures that are larger than the base game textures. The bounding box of these textures isn’t resized, leading to the cut-off seen.

What you need to do is navigate to your addons folder, and search for “decals_mod2x” (this is the file that is overwriting the blood textures.) Delete all of the results that come up. You may need to restart GMod, but for me, the textures changed instantaneously.

I also suggest verifying your game cache, just to be certain.