Blood tracks when you get hit?

I personally think that it would be a good idea to inject a form of blood track when you get hit, this means that you track down the player more effectively. A bandage will obviously remove the bleeding, but the blood will remain on the ground for some time.

This will also add more gore (which i personally would think will be great!) - but it would also make the gunfights a bit more exciting, when there is blood floating around.
Is this a ideal idea? Give me you opinion.

Greetings from Birdman.:eng101:

Hmm i like the Idea.
A Bloodtrack would make the Game more realistic.
But it should only be a small track their.
Otherwise i see a fight on most popular Server will end like a Warplace on Medieval.

I agree with it

Yeah exactly. Though i saw another idea for different weathers. Could be awesome when it rained that the bloodtracks then disappeared.

more gore!

I was the one with the weather thread. As for this idea it is not bad, but here is the issue: we have tall grass, it would be pretty difficult to follow an obscured blood trail.

Blood tracks would be interesting, and a great feature in general. Some things like that, that could improve the atmosphere of the game would also being able to see your own legs, maybe footprints and maybe a leaning system. I often find myself peeking beside a wall but noticing my whole body being exposed. Anyways good idea, I hope this gets added into the game.

It shouldnt be easy to follow :wink:
But its possible to follow it then.And the Bags from Zombies and Players are difficult to find too.Sometimes i kill a Zombie from far away and never find this bag.

Point taken, you have my full support :smile: though i feel blood trails should occur when your target is bleeding, so you can “finish them off.” At the same time, bandaging will stop blood trailing. Thoughts?

Yes,the thinking behind this is to follow an wounded player.Thats correct.But think about the blood track as one.If i shoot to you once and you ran away,their wouldnt be an track like the road :wink:

Only a few bigger drops their.So you can follow if you concentrate but their wouldnt be a bloodbath like a massacre :wink:

Yes, but perhaps the trail can be marked on the grass too? That way it would remain visible…sorta.

I feel blood in general kinda needs a thread almost, it opens a lot of possibilities, like blood pooling on death and whatnot. Though on topic, i feel this would actually work fine, the grass is not too long that you couldn’t see theblood, it would just be obcured, which is perfect, gives the victim a chance to survive.