Blood2 Source - Models Request

Hi all i am searching for good modelers to model weapons, character models ,cars and misc for RE-Make of not verry popular game Blood2 The Chosen.Skilled modeler who is interested in helping me have on 100% his name in the credits for help. I will post pictures of request to model soon!! awaiting to reply!!


First of all i am reguesting the models of MAIN characters: Caleb!! and the others: (Gabriella,Ishmaiel,Ophelia) if you don´t know how they look like i will post their pictures soon!!!

Here i have some pictures of the chosen ones check it out!






The Chosen

Thanks for pictures darkcaleb now to find someone to model this characters into Valve´s Source engine MDL models :slight_smile:
Any one :slight_smile: Better if the models support the facial expressions (Face Poser) Thanks and waiting to reply

nobody who could do this ?

Its shame :frowning: that every one with the skill (know how) its too lazy for my little request…

It seems its up to me find some extra time to learn how make characters and others stuff… :-/

Go to a model creation thread and ask them, you don’t go to a thread where people make playermodels. Edit: You go to a playermodel thread after you have a ported model, and they also have threads that people tell how to port models. Reskining is also easy to learn, I learned it in a few minutes.

Thanks for reply eggman249 but i must have new ones because porting old Blood2 The Chosen models is not good idea.They don´t have good detail condition so some one must re-create the characters make them more detail in face and body.
I am asking if someone can re-make some of created models from mods like G-mod,zombie panic… to the new Blood 2 Source mod.
But i seem to no one can do this job for me. :frowning:
And the worst thing is that my x64 XP can´t run old blood2… creation tools and the tools don´t have ABC to 3dsmax export plugin only from 3DSMAX to ABC :frowning:


And i alredy know work with VTF VMT files and model re-skin is not even poroblem for my 8 year bro…
A have alredy change Menu to classic Blood2 the Chosen with fonts, pictures,sounds…
And a have the first chapter maps maked but there is problem … Ups I don´t have the models :frowning:
Even i work with C++ custom Client and server dlls (add weapons, change the menu…)
but if i don´t have models… Can´t continue :frowning:
i will post you pictures soon!! so you will belive me :slight_smile: