Bloodbadge 2: Legends

"in the year of 2088, A young warrior avenged his fathers death by slaying Conroy, who was the current owner of the bloodbadge, a godly artifact of ancient unknown origin.
When Conroy was defeated, the warrior shattered the badge into eight pieces, which he hid over the land before his death.
This, he hoped, would stop the endless bloodshed and war that the badges promise of power had brought.

But the dark powers of the badge outlived the warrior, and soon began to send out its corrupting whispers across the globe.
The peace that had lasted during the warriors life now faded as the Badge stirred up a new hornets nest of lust for power.
People started kill each other yet again, one after another they just kept dying over each other. And so, the badge wars had begun anew.
It is now said that the one who wields all eight pieces of the bloodbadge is the fiercest fighter in the world and shall possess god-like powers.
The only way to obtain all the pieces is to slay the current owners in combat.
However, one can not simply challenge any of the owners. Whilst anyone can challenge number 8, the most dangerous piece to posses, higher numbers can only challenge numbers directly after or before them.
And thus, many seeking the pieces have searched the globe and they frequently change hands.
In this world there are only three kinds of people.
The once who are strong, the ones who don’t care…

…and the ones who are dead."

Done it again Radley, I love what you do with TF2.