BloodBorne tools WIP.

first version released here
and here

Now, when tools released, people will be able to get decrypted data files.

textures and skeletons:


At very last!

Thank you id daemon, for giving us eyes to see.

My fucking man.

May the good blood guide your way id-daemon.

Dark what?

WHEN??? ps:can you create a script for max 3d studio?

more progress

weapons are also working

and main characters as you may know are combined from 7 parts: body, head, gear, face, hair, arms, legs:

awesome work

I would have a question but is it possible to get the setting objects too? I would also like to be able to retrieve the map of the game, and then your tools could work for other games in the souls series? we need a script for dark soula 2 (and if possible for the third chapter) and demons souls

Getting models from Demon’s Souls is already possible. Seek Zaramot’s script on Xentax.

The hype train has left the station, nice work man.

ok tool works for map objects. At least some of them.


Can we get a Old hunter DLC model?

i really wanna these models too!



*ps : reeeeealy thx for your work :smiley:

Nice job

this thing required a bit of correction in the tool with its 750 bones

also a little test with that guy textured

Tool released. Links in the first post.

You’re doing god’s work, thanks daemon.

Well, there is no stopping this train now.

Lovecraftian awoooo

If you’ve got the “Hkx” animations, I’d like to take a shot at converting them. (preferably gehrman)
Assuming Bloodborne did the same shit that ds3 did, animations would be a hassle to get working, for those who don’t know Dark Souls 3 decided to mirror and flip all animations. So if you wanted one to work, you needed to mirror on a dummybone, flip it, turn it, then have it go backwards while going forwards. I had to do this with the Abyss Watcher I released on Garry’s Mod, trust me… It wasn’t fun to do… (Oh and the model had to be scaled to like 1000 and then resized back inversely)