Bloodcrushers of Khorne

And to tell of the Juggernaut; its like has never been seen. 'Twas a mighty steed of groaning iron and brazen steel, a thing of living metal that stood taller than a man and roared with the furies of a thousand, thousand dead. Its massive head was part hound, part bull, part the incarnate soul of bloody hate. As it moved toward us we saw its countless close-rivetted plates, forged in dark fires, bound with runes and unearthy spite. Upon the back of the beast sat a daemon, its skin scaled and slick with the split blood of our comrades. As it bared its brazen fangs we lost all heart and turned, fleeing to the night and terrors yet unseen.

                                                                                                                                          - Liber Malefic

Wow, doesn’t even look like source. Except for the TF2 like mountains in the background

What can I say? Just “Blood for the Blood God!” :v:

Where are people getting these? I’ve seen the Eldar and Chaos now :S

“Foul daemons!! Prepare for the coming of the Space Marines!!! Long live the God Emperor!!” Anyhoo, awesome work on them nasty Bloodcrushers.

Thanks everyone.