Bloods and Crips

Hello, I’m constructing a server dealing with gangs, I remembered some good models that were the model of bloods and rips, I could only find an NPC pack which didn’t include the model. If you have a link/download to them, please post it.

Those are NPCs. Please go in game and try if they are player models. They aren’t.

Look on the S-low forums.

Here’s the player model version

Thank you, Henry.
Edit: Ahh, they seem to be for San Andreas, I tried porting them to Garrys Mod, they didn’t seem to show up.

Well they’re for CSS, but they should definitely work with GMod.

Didn’t work for me.

They’re in the S-low Player and NPC pack on

Indeed they are! Thank you!

Um… Actully they were for GMod, They just didn’t have the .lua file to use them as players. GTA SA Models include .dff and .txd whitch theese include Source model files

Totally unrelated, put this song on the server