Bloodsucker behind Stalker

Simple pose I did today. I did some minor editing to it.

Made using Gmod9 :frog:

creepy feling to it and it sux to be him right now! :slight_smile:

I’m guessing the minor edit was Simple DoF? Please don’t use it, it looks like ass.

The lighting and posing is great. The thing’s eyes don’t look very good though.

Actually no, I edited the Stalkers right sleeve and his weapon’s scope. And some other texture bugs I found. DoF was ingame. I’l use another DoF technique if I have to :slight_smile:

Why did you use gmod9?

Because that’s the only Gmod I have.

It’s 8 bucks…


I’d get out of there,

hey I played that game too


Everything looks nice but the eyes on the bloodsucker look like they could be done better and you should’ve added some effects to the goggles of the STALKER.

Note taken :keke: