Bloodthirsty demon stalking the street - I hack up my victims like pieces of meat.

Iron Maiden can’t be fought.


Made entirely on GM_Scenebuild_Night.

Thumbnails for alternative, album art-like versions.[/t]


I know the blood looks like strawberry jam but let’s just say that he tore someone’s brain or guts with it.

Now, on to finish that Megadeth comic…

That’s pretty fucking cool.

Man that’s awesome, great editing

It looks like he has down syndrome?

You mean the eyes?

Yup, and the face.

Uh, I can understand the thing about the eyes, but what exactly is wrong with the face?

It is to fat in comparison to the body and real album cover.

Only problem is the chest.
The low res normals hnnnnnnnggggggg

title reminds me of

He’s hackin’ n wackin’ n smackin’

Background could be more interesting (pretty boring and plain by comparison in both scenery and lighting), but other then that it’s p. great.

I left it like that to have the focus on Eddie. Thanks, by the way.

What real album cover?

The only similarity that I see is the topic of the song. The title is actually from

someone got jelly on his axe. it looks very viscous and contained… like… it’s not quite messy enough

the rest is cool though. not sure if the body could have done with some texturing in order to make the jeans look less out-of-place, or maybe the jeans should be a tiny bit blurrier, i’m not sure

but yeh swell work

Fallout ghoul got real good make up.

Yeah thought about that, but then I remembered how horrible I am at texturing, and I have little to no experience in texturing organic stuff.

tl;dr: 2lazy2texture

gootta l3rn bro got2 leran br0 x

I love everything but the hair.
It looks like he’s got a tumbleweed on his head.

Hair truly is one of the hardest things to edit and Urbanator was not available for consulting.

Fuck yeah! Love Iron Maiden. Great picture.

Up the Irons!!!