Bloody Good Time Ragdolls

A few ragdolls from Bloody Good Time
I made this because Gm_mount does not allow Bloody Good Time models yet
Install instructions
Extract to Garrysmod/Garrysmod

Thanks for the picture alpha920!
Ubisoft (For making models)
Brickbox (Getting them into Garry’s Mod)
Comrade Comrade (Buying me the Game)

Also for some reason the file was reported I am not sure why but you may want to check the files in case something bad got in the zip and tell me so I can delete the file.
(Use this until I get working)

until that report still there no one will risk to download that

It’s being mirrored, so reported or not nobody can get it yet. Got an alternate download link?

Well I will look into it because I am not sure why it is reported.

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I will be putting one up soon.
I also just scanned it with McAfee nothing wrong with it.
I just deleted it of too.

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The file is back.

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Thought this would relate a bit to the topic of the Bikini Babe

Made a small skin for her.

Going to have a small update in a hour or so.

image moved to first post :wink:

some girls, dudes, clown and skeletons…

Oh i’ll have a bloody good time alright :q:

how can you make models if the game isn’t out yet.I think

It’s out.

Face and finger posable?

Good models. Face pose but no finger pose. At least not yet.
This is excellent for comics. Nice job so far.

I know how this ends.

What do you mean?

Well, first there’s the hookers. The porn gigs. Then comes the cocaine, the heroin, and next thing you know it you’re speeding away from Vegas, hiding in the trunk of your accountant’s car, hoping to make it to Mexico before the cops find out what you did. BUT THEY KNOW, RASTIFAN. THEY ALREADY KNOW.

Happens to me all the time.

If he is referring to sex poses, he is sicker than me. I do not consider this sex pose material.
But since the idea has arrived…:smile:

Wait. The King of Sexposes looked at a Playboy bunny-type model, and DIDN’T think of making a sexpose?

I’ll go inform the mods your account has been hijacked.

Well I could inflate the rag doll penis and make it thicker than the models here and call the pose a tight fit… Nah I won’t:smile:

got the trial of this on xbox live its pretty cool i might buy it

I saw all the other models, meh, then I saw the clown, :fappery:

Uploading the 2nd pack.
Oh I also included the Vegas map I need you guys to make sure I got everything it needs included with it.
Also we need a few more pictures preferably in the Vegas map.
Actually I know there is a few things missing from the Vegas map
I will get A fix for it after you tell me whats missing.

Here is the 2nd pack!