"Bloody Hell! I thought i shoot the air!" - Sniper Picking up his arrow.

and somewhat revelant bonus.

HAHAHAHAHA! nice, love every thing about the 2 pics XD the scouts face is priceless


Whose dick was it?

I’m guessing the Red Spy’s.


Scout’s mother:“Spy, I am disappoint.”



Now, this is a… HOLY SHIT WHAT IS THAT?

i like the seam across the side.


What was the spy doing with his dick out anyway :v:

taking a leak while invisible…or jerking off while watching scout’s mom’s picture

You gave me the intarwebs laugh of this half of the week, probably. i hardly laugh at two things on the internet every week nowadays, too much good stuff around I’ve grown immune.

This, however, is great! The scout is just priceless, let alone the face (like someone said) and the whole pose, too, of the spy.

The only smallest flaw I could find is the odd look of the sniper’s right (his right) forearm. Probably not your doing, but the model’s.


Oh lawd, that’s true art right there.


Maybe add a couple of medics in the second screeny, otherwise, awesomesauce.