"Bloody hell, Too many hinds!" - Soldiers running from hinds



The color of those classes? And what is hinds?

Awkward running, but otherwise nice posing.

hinds is choppers
russian chopper.


properly calld Hin-D’s…


If those guys were epic, they would have done what the Afghanis did during the Soviet–Afghan War.

Steal Hin-D’s and blow the others up?

Hind is the NATO name for the MI-24.

British Royal Army S.A.S Badge with an American flag?
But anyway good pose lad…

The running look odd… But running does look odd from that camera angle anyway…
The color-scheme is indeed one of the better looking :slight_smile:

Possibly be a squad with SAS and Green Beret.

I wouldn’t waste my time to change my uniform for another country rather be in the uniform of my country I mean you are fighting for your country and yes I know don’t forget you allies but still…Would you rather represent your country or another? Plus DPM CAMO ROCKS

The CoD4 SAS insignia isn’t accurate anyway, so who really cares?

e/ Yeah, DPM fucking owns, desert DPM isn’t so hot though

No. Just no.

Properly called the Mil Mi-24 actually.

What you are attempting to refer to is a later variant of the original Mi-24A updated to a weapons platform, the Mi-24D (known to NATO as the “Hind D”… not “Hin-D” as you put it).

Again. No. Really… just no.

The Mujahideen used American Stinger missile launchers to destroy Russian gunships. The launchers were supplied by the CIA and training in the use of the launchers is thought to have been provided by the British SAS. Some would even go so far as to believe that the SAS worked alongside the Mujahideen on Afghani soil. Large numbers of Stingers remain unaccounted for today.

/pointless history lesson

Indeed, no one will remember this

And thus continues the circle of ignorance.

no it’s not hin-d it is HIND or HIND-D epic BTW

wow soldiers running arround with guns, creative!

Actually guys, I’m talking about how they took them down epic style. Mil Mi-24’s would fly low around the mountains due to the terrain’s ability to hide and shelter the Afghanis. When a Mi-24 would get close enough, the Afghanis would fire or sometimes throw some sort of grappling hook, with a wire connected to the end, at the rotors, thus causing the Mi-24’s to crash into a fiery explosion.