Bloody Party... (Heavys Birthday)

It’s the Heavy’s Birthday. Sniper is not amused, for some reason.

Also easter egg - try and find me in the background!

Text Version :smiley:

Also here is an UN-Edited version. Looks like crap, but you can see the facial expressions better :slight_smile:

This has been my biggest project yet :smiley:
Took about 1-2 hours to assebly everthing, and position everything right :slight_smile:

C&C VERY appreciated :smiley:


After 5:th post, my positon will be revealed :wink:

In my opinion, the posing isn’t the best as it could be. I do like the posing on the medic though. Have an artistic. And I am not sure where you are.

Lol youre the demoman.
Id say posing is okay.
Editing is, well not so good.
I like the none edited more.

Keep around til’ post number 5 :slight_smile:

Also, post 5 will be mine, so keep here til you see post 4 :slight_smile:

Also thanks :smiley:

I agree. Everything is just a little too blurry.

Accidental ninja. :frown:

Hoyl shit, after next post my position will be revealed :smiley:




Here I am :smiley:

I came in here expecting the heavy massacring the enemy team.

Wouldnt be a birthday party, unless the heavy had a hat on.

Did my thread die? :frowning:


wtf, did automerge break?

Good posing,pretty cool.
Is Heavy pissed about his cake or something?

No. His facepose dissapeared after setting quality to highest for some reason :frowning:


Look at the heavy in the texted picture. He could be angry because scout thought the cake was pancakes.