"Bloody Valentine" Pretention+Prestiege #7

Happy Singles Awareness Day, everyone.

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Was pleasantly surprised. Bravo.

Scout/Cammy humping was a little unnecessary though.

They’re not humping, they’re just making out.

It’s about time someone would do a valentine comic.

My guess is that we’ll see more come Sunday. (V-day)

Ah haha, alot better than i expected it would be, bravo chap.

Humping is never unnecessary!

What was I supposed to expect with you?
It’s never as simple as making out with Ryu-Gi. Anyways enjoy this free bump courtesy of me.

Haha nice.

Real life isn’t simple.

Haha made my day.

True that.
And neither are you and you’re weird creations.

Alright, fine. I’s wierd, ha ha.

Then again this entire forum is full of wierd shit.