Bloom and Blur,help me please.

Hello folks,I have a problem.

Post Processing Bloom won’t work.

If i start a single player match on GM_construct,I’ll have a shiny bloom thingo activated. Now,if I try to change the bloom to something else,or even check the bloom square option thingo,it deactivates. It just doesn’t work.

And uh,I cannot select Motion Blur on my options screen. Help?

Uh. I’d love to have some help 'ere.

Try cleaning up or re-installing Gmod.

Didn’t work.

Check hardware bloom under options-video-advanced

tried. It’s on.

Uh. Bump. Could anyone help me?

On Bloom have you tried getting all the settings and dragging every bar to the left?

Or try turning Bloom off in the options in the main menu.

yes,yes and yes. Just doesn’t work.

What’s your specs?

i had this problem. i know it sounds weird but what map are you using? because if you are using the same one again and again that might be part of the problem. then defrag gmod using steam. thats all i can think of.

The bloom checkbox always deactivated for me, I never knew why.