Hi. This is a random comic by me. Who am I? The one who made a shitty comic on FP! This is mostly meant for testing speech bubbles. I’m still not the best at them. I’m not the best at comics overall. That’s why I’m posting it here to get flamed and criticized…

I use photobucket (which is horrible) to post the images. I can’t find out how to do the filesmelt thing and what to do to make the pictures go on a full page. If anyone can help me with this, by the way, could you possibly PM me or some way of helping me with this?

This comic may be offensive :smiley:
This comic may make your eyes bleed and then melt.

Besides how bad the comedy, posing, format, and big ass pictures… anything else I can improve on?

  • Speech bubbles made by me in PAINT.NET, one of the worst editing programs in my opinion.
  • The map is rp_salvation
  • Sorry about using Photobucket and an editing program with the word “paint” in it.
  • That very last speech bubble… I was really tired and accidentally made another bubble connecting to the first, so I had to put something in it because I’m lazy.
  • “non-believers” doesn’t make sense with Thanksgiving, I know… I was also tired at the time. Overall, I’m tired all of the time.

What is the story to this? I really have no idea.
What does cookies have to do with anything in this comic? I don’t know why I did that either.

Dont do comics when your tired.
And the letters are coming out of the speechbubbles.

How do you read a wordless book?