BLOOODY Mr. Breen the kombine killer


It’s awesome 10/10~!

^^^ don’t rate your own threads

Naa, not much originality and not greatest posing… 4/10. Two people are posed and the rest are dead and all blood and stuff… eww. 2 points for the cool blood :smiley:

Well yea, of course they’re dead, Mr. Breen killed em all. Then with his endless supply of swords in his pocket, he stuck a bunch of em on the wall.

2/10 because A) Posing was pretty bad B) You rated your own thread with a 10/10 C) Overuse of the same blood and swords.

What sort of blood are you supposed to use? I mean it’s a sword. People die…blood splurts. It’s in excess but so is Kill Bill and people like it :stuck_out_tongue:

as far as the sword. Well what else am i supposed to use? The Breen character has a sword and he uses swords to pin combine soldiers to the wall. It was totally out of boredem. I’d like to see some of these morons actually pose something holding a gun without the ass sticking out far.

Posing was decent +1/2
What the hell? -1
too much blood/unrealistic blood splatter -1
Rated your own pic? COME ON, MAN! -1

2 and a half/5

Posing is not good, with the exception of Breen’s pose…which is awful. I agree with DesEagle that it has too much blood and unrealistic splatter and a massive point deduction for rating your own picture.
Generally not a pleasing picture to look at. Rating: 1.8

Any moron with half a brain can do adequate ragdoll poses, but for the poor souls who can’t, here is a link to a nice basic posing tutorial that can get you started.

how much longer do we have to see these boring, crappy pics


you took the same picture like 20 times 3/10

That was very VERY easy too do and it lacked in originality, posing, and other stuff. BTW, why the HELL did you rate your own thread? People that do that are pathetic. 2/10

Nicely done, but where’s the faceposing? Could you at least use photoshop or ingame filters?

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wahahahahaha you revived a screenshot from 2005 ? you’re pretty awesome my friend

i did too
hope he’s perma’d

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How so? Any idiot can do that.

true true


let this thread die again, so don’t post anything else

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