Blotchy lighting

Hello Facepunch users.

Recently I’ve been working a horror map and I’ve been having problems with the lighting. There are sort of “layers” of brightness, by which I mean the lighting produced is similar to how a bit-depth reduced photo would look. I will post a screenshot as that will better explain my problem. My guess is that it is because the light is so dark there’s not enough colours to blend the light nicely. If you know any way to circumvent this problem or at least reduce how obvious the problem is. please respond. However, I would very much like to avoid brightening up the map because the darkness is a key part of the atmosphere. Thanks for taking the time to read my post.

putting -final in your compile options should help, but it won’t entirely get rid of your problem

If you still get this problem after trying -final, it’s because of HDR and dark environments. Disable HDR and / or bloom and it should be gone.

Adding a slight ambient light (using a constant light) could also help hide it, along with the “-final” compile param.