blow pipe with tranqiliser darts or poision

Because we now have jails i feel we should have ways to capture other rusty guys and stick them in the slammer for laughs lol

why not introduce a blow dart with various kinds of dart from tranquilizer too poison or just kill it hit in the right part of body and this could also be used to hunt animals

this way we can arrest our enemy’s and give them a day in the steel slammer while they hope there mates try and break them out


I like the idea of a tranquilizer dart causing a 30 second knockout, just enough time to loot them and run

well that would be funny

Same for capturing horses to ride

Would be awesome. Could even the score when it comes to a lowbie VS a geared. I can already see it now: A lowbie manages to make one of these, so he sneaks up on another player and darts him in the ass. The player who was attacked has a short moment to look around and kill his assailant before passing out.