"Blow that thing out of my way!" 4 Players fighting through the horde in "Left 4 Shank"

I try to put some ideas and theme from “Shank” action 2D game with L4D style. Spend one more day for hud design. Hope you guys enjoy it. :slight_smile:


Without hud version:

I’d play it.

I think you did pretty good on that HUD design.

Thanks, some icons may be bit out of scale.

Looks great!

The muzzleflashes are horribly cartoony, but man do I love that lighting.


Poor zoey,has to carry a 30 pounds baseball bat.The lighting is looking great tho.

Is this supposed to a side scroller or is it those odd 3 plane shooters?

Bill’s pose is awesome

Tend to be side scroller, but it’s hard to play with angle to express 2D view.

That’s just fucking awesome. Well done.