Blow Up Sex Doll

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Blow-up Doll
[tab]Version:[/tab] 1

[tab]Description:[/tab]This is a blow up doll…made by me (Striker89)

Feel free to reskin, just give me credit for original model if you plan to release.

NOTES ON extra skins:
I’ve included a few extra skins for “lol” purposes. All you have to do is rename them to “budoll2” to get them to work and place them where the other materials are. NOTE they will overwrite the default unless you move it elsewhere.

Male blow up doll
and a labeled texture map of where everything is for reskinning purposes

[tab]Requirements:[/tab]HL2…a penis/vagina?



Looks good, but needs niples - lol but true.
Also I think it’s too low poly, I know you might say in real life they are so shite as well, but this one looks too low poly I think.

Nice, the Dtmech and Turtlehead are hilarious and sorta creepy at the same time

Also, I hexed all of the skins as well

That’s pretty nice?

Need more skins. :flashfap:


Well this is a surprise.

Isnt this made by Infinity Ward?

No, Striker made his own. Yes, in Makarov’s safehouse in the bathtub on the upper floor, there’s a sex doll.

Yeah they made one too…probably better. :v:

Here is a crappy image I found of it

Haha, you’re getting pretty good striker.

This made me lol.

I lol’d, I will also make a re-skin.

Hahahaha. Now i have my own blow up doll. :v:

The DTMech one made me laugh. This is quite well-done, even if it is a little odd. Got my download!

What the fuck have you done!?

Haha, this is good for beginner skinners.
I’m working on one too.

I thought you’d be the person that would use this compulsively.


Seriously, why?

I do think these are hilarious, though…
If I had modelling programs and could do it, I would make my own for kicks.

Don’t be so serious. Take some weeeeeeeeeeeeeed. :350: