BLR Armor plates as separate models

I have no clue how easy of a request this is but hey, if it can’t be done then I don’t mind, but basically what I’m asking is to have each of these plates as separate opposable props, preferably with bearable collision meshes so they can work better with stacker if need be, but it’s not essential.


-The big rectangular plate
-small rectangular plate
-left and right shoulder blade plates
-the two kinds of square plate

basically the idea is since I pose the BLR shit a lot I can add these plates onto other models ingame or onto tanks to make it look like sci-fi schurzen.

here be the link to the models if you don’t got em

I’ll offer you a trade: I’ll split these off as separate meshes if you do one of your scenes in SFM. :q:

I’m total dogshit at SFM but I’ll give you my 154% effort in gmod, if that’s acceptable

ha, alright, fine. I’ll try split them off and send them to you in like the next 24 hours.

muchas gracias mein freund. I won’t let you down sir