Blr: Medic & Updated Pilot

Blacklight Retribution: Pilot V2 and Medic
Download: Pilot



Credits to:
Zombie Inc for the great ass work on Blacklight Retribution
Me, for porting the model over
Hunterdnrc, Cheesecurls and Lonefirewarrior for test posing.
And Lt_C for the vmts on the pilot(except the pouches which i did myself)

also workshop links

Nice work with it, looks p nice.

great release!


they will be very useful in one of my next pics.
thank you very much!

you included the training vmt I made that I asked not to be distributed in public releases because it’s a work in progress training tool I was going to include in my vmt tutorial. :frowning:

oh man, sorry, i’ll remove that at once :E

thank you. it’s just not ready for general distribution yet.

again, sorry for overlooking that

mah nigguh!

fucking beautiful! it would be nice if there were male pilots also

Thank you for this update and a big thanks for the hard work and attention to detail on these models.

Awesome models, though I think the teeth on the medics seems a bit odd to me

Excellent release/update!

For the medic, however, the eye texture is missing. Any idea on why this is?

Ah, you’ll need the enhanced citizens addon, I keep forgetting the needed textures from that :v:

Ah, gotcha! I’ll get right on that, thank you!

Gone forever?

PM the guy.

Gone forever.

Are these, by any chance, the models?

Found them in a russian gmod site.