Blt950's HL2RP & Clockwork plugins


What is this pack?

This is a pack of plugins for HL2RP and Clockwork use. It’s plugins I’ve self developed in my earlier days when I ran my own Clockwork servers. The pack consists of ten plugins, where four only work for HL2RP schema.
Check YouTube video for video of all plugins.

Which plugins does it have?

Here is an overview of all plugins.

[HL2RP ONLY] Diseases
[HL2RP ONLY] Combine Assistant
[HL2RP ONLY] Combine Chatter
[HL2RP ONLY] Vortiguant Language
[ALL SCHEMAS] Spelling
[ALL SCHEMAS] Trashbins
[ALL SCHEMAS] Wall Clock

Description of all plugins

This plugin creates three types of diseases. Cough, fever and colour blindness. All three are curable by having the right items. Cough makes you emit a cough occasionally, and fever makes your head dizzy. In addition to this, there are two poisons added and one antidote for the MPF. A “Green Liquid” and “Fast Green Liquid”. The difference between those two is that the antidote only works on the normal Green Liquid. The fast green liquid kills the target faster. Maybe for torture and amputations. Maybe it will be some kind of dark MPF secret?

Combine Assistant
Combine Assistant This a quick-menu that helps combines a lot in performances and radio calling. It includes functions such as quickly radioing a backup need in a district, add a patrol buddy and quickly radio your patrol group, performances which are often used, so you don’t need to bind keys or write long sentences.
If you enable the first menu button with the flag, it will also enable some automatic /me performances such as (un)holstering stunstick and pushing citizens.

Combine Chatter
This plugin is a plugin which emits combine radio chatter for MPF and Overwatch. The MPF chatter is emitted to the player and players around it, so citizens might hear it. The Overwatch chatter is only emitted locally for the player itself, as Overwatch is ment to be more stealth.

Vortiguant Language
With this plugin the Vortiguants can finally speak to each other without having anyone else understanding them. To speak in Vortessence use /v <text>.

AFK Kicker
This is a small plugin which kicks everyone who is AFK. Staff members are excluded from this kicker. You may adjust peak time, where you can decrease the AFK time limit when there is many players on the server, and decrease when there is few. It’s also implemented a bit other type of checker which isn’t effected by simple console cheats for bypassing kickers.

My notes
My Notes This plugin is character based, each character can have their notes saved with /mynotes command. Perfect way to write down codes to closets and maybe a draft to a future report.

Pins Very simple plugin featuring an item, which can be purchased and used on a paper to make it hang on the wall. Perfect thing, so you do not need to scream for admins when you need them to freeze a paper.

We always get people on the servers who cannot write with capital letters at start, and period stops. This plugin does it for you. Making the chat look nice, tidy and professional.

Teach your players to recycle! Now when you touch papers or notepads on the trash bins you have spawned around the server, and it will delete it! Use /trashadd to add trashbins!

Wall Clock
Wall Clock With this plugin you can create clocks on the walls which can display the local in game time. Useful maybe inside a CWU or when planning a meeting? Use /clockadd and /clockremove commands to add or remove clocks.

Installation, configuration and other important notices

The readme includes also more detailed description and information regarding the plugins.




Blt950 - The addon


This addon is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

Background story

I’ve decided to leave Garry’s Mod and I closed my community as well.
As my leave is permanent, I’m releasing everything I find suitable to release.

I could sit here and probably earn loads of money for this specific addition to Garry’s Mod,
but I’ve already earned what I feel is right on CoderHire. Now I rather wish the distribute
everything for free to everyone, rather than give it to one single person who can mess it up.

Check out other places on Facepunch for my other released additions.

Download broken

I downloaded it a while ago, here’s a mirror:

Thank you :slight_smile:

Does these plugins still work?

Probably not. A port to NS 1.1 is in dire need.

These are Clockwork plugins. Not for NutScript.

Precisely why they need a port

Not a very good attempt at trying to be funny.

Stop posting in a dead thread