BLU Convoy

Yay, my first thread in this section! So I’m currently workin’ on a bunch of poses about a dystopian TF2 world.

By the way, If I got another pictures to post, should I do a new thread for every picture ? :3:

I know,i know!
That isn’t scout’s sister,that scout’s girlfriend!

Good posing.

Well, siblings do that too D:


The Femscout is awkwardly posed.

JPEG quality needs to be raised a lot.

Needs some DoF.

Otherwise good!

Yeah the angle fucked up her pose. I’ll put on jpeg_quality 100 and I’ll try to add some DoF. Thanks!

Needs shading on the spot they’r sitting/sliding on…They look like they are hovering :smiley:

For the rest, good good.

Up skirt shot. :X

Heh, but I like the poses.

Village People sniper…

Even more sexy.

Yeah, I tried to hide it a bit 'cause she’s not supposed to be a whore but whatever. Thanks?

The scouts posing looks weird, are they falling?

I’d hit dat booty with mah rapin stick.

[sp]Scouts booty[/sp]