BLU Spy Shooing at an Off-Screen Threat

-‘Holy Fuck Yelrah420 Posted mroe than one pic in one day!’

But yeah, I guess I’m pretty damn bored today =/
So here ya go, just trying out a new muzzle flash technique.
Quick edit.

-Note; I know the muzzleflash is not emitting light onto the barrel of the gun, I forgot. Sorry.

C&C <3

Muzzle flash looks like a water splash.

Perfect posing, badass camera angle, but I don’t like the muzzleflash, there’s too many particles around it and it needs a little jaggedness.

It’s a water gun :buddy:

Posing is great, camera angle is good, but muzzleflazh needs some work, and try making your own smoke.

posing and camera angle looks perfect, the atmospere is really tf2-ish and the right part of the picture actually looks like from the tf2 meet the characters
muzzle flash is pretty bad, its too sharp and doesnt fit the picture
the picture is really well done though, other than the muzzle