BLU Team's Rigorous Recruitment Selection Process

C&C and feel free to add dialogue to it

why is there two blu spies?

Lol dead blu spy on the left.
And I dont get the joke.
Please explain.

She wears blue

One of those spies is not one of us!

Where did you got the Dog model?

The dog is hired for the unique team update!

They dont need to think that! C’mmon… its Samus!

Nice posing, and the Eng~ looking on the files is a nice touch :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah of course remove the blu spy so everyone dumbs me >:(

Samus has a wedgie. Im not complaining.

the dog’s from the Cod4pack. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I only see 1 spy, its driving me crazy!

I’d totally do…I mean, hire, Samus.

why red punches?
don’t have the blu one?