Blue Barrels in Space (Green Screen Test)

Merely a test of Green Screen, tell me what you think.


I’m just wondering if i should use Green Screen for other things aswell, reason why i have done this.

It’s too blue. No depth.

Green screenings not really good for much things but for your average car scenes and your get away space ships.

Is the BG from sins of a solar empire?

All i know about the blue sun is i got it from gm_interplaneteryfunk

Looks nice.

Why call it ‘greenscreen’? It’s basically just isolation.

You cop out stuff, place it in another image.

Because Green Screen is easier to select shit and isolate it.

I’d rather select a colour and delete than have to manually isolate it, makes the editing job a lot quicker.

That’s sloppy, lazy and you also get a shit selection on top of that.

Based on whether or not you can be arsed at the time to be honest.

It’s totally up to you if you want to lower the quality of your screenshots. I don’t care.


Or actually I do care. Quality screenshots are pleasing.

Well seeing as green screen isn’t really useful for anything other than space shit, i wont be using it much.

If you’re going to take greenscreen screenshots, make sure you save it as a tga because the jpeg compression just fucks shit up.

Lol fuck you all who said mah tutorial didn’t change anything.

Masterfgh knows what I was talking about.

Hot fact. The suns corona can rise up to about 2,000,000° Celsius

I feel a yellow sun would be more fitting.

I just want to reiterate this.

God fucking damnit, Fireworks.

That’s bright

It melts my eyes.

Why did you edit it?

You didn’t even select the sun in a circular way, it’s all jagged and shit.


Also, why is it that this gets more attention then my other actual poses?