Blue Forest.

“Ah, nature. The earthy browns and lush greens of the forest. The quiet hum of animal and insect life going about its business. The piercing battle cry of a gene boosted harpy bounding across the forest floor in her power armor in the midnight light.
It’s times like this that I miss the city.”

I feel like there’s a little too much blue… But I didn’t save what I had made, so. I might as well upload this. Next time I’ll tone it down.

And perhaps a little ambiance also.

I like its simplicity and the blue seems okay to me. It could use a little bit of mist like that in the thumbnail of your ambient sounds clip (or fucking movie plus its own sequel, five hours? Jesus). There’s something about the character I don’t really like, however, either because I just saw a bunch of WW2 shots (and I’m a sucker for somber WW1 or WW2 pics) or because I just don’t like that model… not too sure which.

The soundscape and picture (minus the soldier) you picked throws me way back into my childhood’s dreams for some reason, more accurately one specific dream, in which I was running away from a circus located in the middle of a forest, at night, and the circus animals (including a lion, a dragon, and an owl…) were all chasing me through the dark blue trees. Hm.

I would love it if you conveyed this in one of your pictures.

I’ll probably never get around to it (university, plus I won’t have the models), but I can only say the dream was triggered by my addiction to the “Carnival of the Animals” puppet show video tape I used to watch all the time when I was like, 3 or 4 years old. Specifically, the lion/dragon that chased me in the dream was very likely this lion puppet which looks like a dragon. I just found this video now thanks to this thread, this made my evening very nostalgic.

Yikes… I never would’ve thought that one of my pictures could drive someone as amazing as you back to a dream you had. ._.